Las Camelias Tempranillo/Granacha (SPA)                                                                          £4.50      £6.00      £16.50

This  Spanish blend is cherry red in colour with vibrant red fruit flavours, hints of white pepper and a soft, rounded finish.  Great with cheeses and spiced meat platters.

Merlot IGT Folonari (ITA)                                                                                                       £4.80      £6.80      £19.50

Ruby red colour, vinous and herbaceous bouquet, personality and character  in the mouth with a pleasantly fruity finish reminding of cherry and plum.

Kuyen Malbec (ARG)                                                                                                               £5.00     £7.00      £20.00

An easy drinking ruby-red wine with a soft and persistent aroma, a delicate and pleasant bouquet of young wood and a rounded velvety flavour.

Vistamar Brisa Cabernet Sauvignon  (CHI)                                                                          £5.50      £7.80      £22.00

This wine expresses aromas of blackberries, plums and black cherries, with hints of vanilla and toast. This is carried through to the plate with notes of caramel and smoke coming through.

The Accomplice Shiraz  (AUS)                                                                                                £6.00      £8.50      £24.00

Medium weight with soft oak tannins. Sweet red cherries and blackberries are dominant on the palate finishing with a hint of mocha oak.

Rioja Monte Haro (SPA)                                                                                                          £5.80       £8.50    £23.00

A glossy red-purple colour with an expressive nose of dense macerated red fruits and that toasty spicy oak and chocolate. Full and round and packed full of fruit, crisp acidity and ripe tannins.

Pinot Noir Reserve St Jacques (FRA )                                                                                                                 £25.00

Fresh raspberries and cherries, mixed with mocha and chocolat, combine to give an elegant and fruity wine with notes of wood. The wine has great acidity, offering a long, fruitful finish.

Victoria Park Shiraz/ Viognier (FRA)                                                                                                                  £29.00

The Shiraz gives generous plum and blackberry with a hint of black pepper. While the viognier adds a subtle floral lift through the long finish.

Medoc Chateau Sigognac 2010 (FRA)                                                                                                                £39.00

A typical Medoc wine, elegant, structured and fruity, with a purplish appearance and aromas of red fruit.

Valpolicella Ripasso Pasqua (ITA)                                                                                                                      £43.00

Ruby-red, this wine offers intense aromas of wild cherries, redcurrant and hints of toasting. A rich and full bodied wine, with sweet and round tannis on the palate.

St-Julien Connetable de Talbot 2010(FRA)                                                                                                        £60.00

A brambly, savoury nose is coupled with a nicely balanced palate of blackberry fruit, oak and supporting tannin. On a nose wine is gamy with hints of oak. On a palate wine is complex full with dark fruits almost chewy. It has a lot of tannins with high acidity. It’s wrapped up with round lingering finish.


Grenache Rose Reserve St. Jacques  (FRA)                                                                         £4.90       £6.50       £18.50

Clean and pure with white cherry and juicy stone fruits. Inner floral notes defined the dry finish with a hint of cherry.


Folonari Pinot Grigio Rosé (ITA)                                                                                          £5.70        £7.90      £23.00

Pinot Grigio grapes have rather dark skins and they are left in contact with the fermenting juice for just the right amount of time to give this delicate rosé wine its pink colour.  With a fragrant nose of flowers and fresh fruit, soft and ripe on the palate, with delicate hints of raspberries this is a very easy wine to drink.


Cotes de Provence Rose Delice (FRA)                                                                                                                £28.00     

Gentle in colour and body, this is a summertime in a glass. Fresh, clean and lightly fruity.


Las Camelias Sauvignon Blanc/ Verdejo (SPA)                                                             £ 4.50         £6.00        £16.00

This wine is filled with tangy, fresh fruits. Dry and and fragrant this wine is perfect for a summer’s afternoon.


Pinot Grigio Folonari (ITA)                                                                                              £5.00         £6.70        £19.00

Light lemon  straw colour, dry and light bodied with citrus apple and light spicy floral notes.


Vistamar Brisa Sauvignon Blanc (CHI)                                                                           £5.20         £7.00        £20.00

This wine possesses strong aromas of tropical fruits and white flowers, such as jasmine, as well as touches of citrus. It is juicy in the mouth with delicious acidity.


The Accomplice Chardonnay (AUS)                                                                                £5.60         £8.00       £22.00

An easy drinking wine in classic Australian Chardonnay style. The palate is soft with creamy texture and is balanced by fine acidity to give a clean and very long finish.


Stone Walker Chanin blanc (RSA)                                                                                    £5.50        £7.80       £21.50

Grapes selected from low yielding bush vines in warmer regions for maximum phenolic ripeness and fruit expression. Pale straw youthful green hues. Generous exotic fruit aromas. Dry fruity well balanced with crisp acidity and a deliciously juicy tropical & citrus aftertaste. Great on its own or with chicken and fish dishes.


Hole In The Water Sauvignon Blanc (NZ)                                                                          £7.50       £9.95     £29.00

Fresh, uplifting gooseberry and citrus aromas develop into more exotic guava and mango notes. The palate equally overflows with grapefruit and lush tropical fruits, tangy acidity and just a hint of sweetness to round out the mouth.


Victoria Park Chardonnay (AUS)(V)                                                                                                                 £29.00

The Chardonnay is pale gold with vibrant green hues. Flavours are reminescent of citrus, honeydew, white peach with a hint of nougat and cinnamon. The palate finishes with a creamy texture and persistant mineral acidity. 100% vegeterian and vegan friendly wine.


Alberino Eiral 2012 (SPA)                                                                                                                                  £35.00

Yellow straw in colour with sparkles of brilliant green. The nose displays fresh, clean citrus aroma and a beautiful floral intensity. The palate is dry with crunchy green apple fruit and a refreshing acidity.


Gavi di Gavi Villadoria                                                                                                                                       £39.00

Pale straw colour with green tints; very delicate and fruity bouquet. Dry, appealng, fresh and harmonious taste.


Sancerre Fournier ‘Les Belles Vignes’ (FRA)                                                                                                    £45.00

Clear golden green reflections. Well-developed aromas reminding of syringa and blackcurrant evolving towards fruit cordial after a while in the glass. Full and round at first, followed by a sensation of  crispness. A touch of anise lingering. Notes of gooseberries, grapefruit and mineral.


Chablis Louis Jadot 2012                                                                                                                                   £48.00

Louis Jadot Chablis is bright, fresh and light, its taste and bouquet develop relatively quickly, up to 5 years.

sparkling & champagne


Santa Eleni Prosecco                                                                                                                             £5.95    £25.00

Crisp, fruity, its taste is reminiscent of the fragrance of a fruit cocktail made with apples. This particular fruity sparkling wine is the result of natural fermentation in autoclaves.

Foss Marai Prosecco                                                                                                                                           £36.00

Strada di Guia 109 Prosecco Brut is a spumante wine with an attractive aroma of unripe fruits and acacia flowers, characteristic of Prosecco grapes. It has a balanced flavour, in which acidity and residual sugar blend to create a pleasant ensemble.

Perrier – Jouet  Grand Brut                                                                                                                £7.95       £39.00


Bollinger Special Cuvée Brut NV                                                                                                                       £55.00


Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label NV                                                                                                                         £65.00


Laurent-Perrier Rose                                                                                                                                          £90.00


Cuvée Dom Perignon                                                                                                                                        £160.00


Krug Grande Cuvée                                                                                                                                           £180.00




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